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Although a complete (.mp3 / .MP3) file listing, this is only a preliminary ‘excavation’. There’s more to come, including proper organization, etc. At least now we can begin to get our arms around what exactly we have. I haven’t changed anything, except to get some of the gunk (cruft & bloat) out of the way so as to unearth the actual audio files. The file / folder structure currently remains intact as I found it.

Below are the actual folders and (audio) files, followed by a few files I made containing only the file addresses, to get an idea of exactly how many files there are. There are also similar '*files.txt' files in many of the first-level folders, for the same purpose of getting an idea of how many files are in each folder.

I originally opted to display (links to) all the files on this (one) page, and even include an audio player per file, rather than having to click through all the folders. But, with almost 49k audio files, the page took way too long to load. Besides, this way is much more fun — for the time being…

Folders / Files (.mp3 / .MP3)

Audio files in this ('docroot') folder

.txt Index file of all .mp3 / .MP3 files (48,740)

.txt Index file of all .txt files (11,142)

Index files of all .mp3 (only) files (42,204)

I mistakenly ran '-name' instead of (case insensitive) '-iname' and started goofing around with these files before I realized I was missing the 6,500+ additional '.MP3' (uppercase) files too… Anyway, these files remain, for whatever they’re worth…